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Aluminum Knitwrist Glove Mould

Aluminum Knitwrist Glove Mould

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 Aluminum Knitwrist glove mould for making Nitrile gloves, Blue Nitrile gloves, Yellow Nitrile gloves,knitted cuff, safety cuff.

It's the mould we specially developed for Russia customer. We can design and develop new mould according to customer's glove sample.

The aluminum glove mould can be coated with Teflon matieral to protect the mould surface and make the gloves to be easy taken off from the dipping machines.

We test each piece hand mould by water before delivery, make sure no holes in case the damage during the glove dipping process.

Knitwrist  hand mould  (size L)
  Length (cm)  Circumference (cm)
Thumb 6.7 9.2
Index finger 7.5 7.8
Middle finger 8.4 8.5
Ring finger 7.8 8.5
Little finger 6.4 6.9
Palm circumference 24.7  
Total length 31